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.apibuilder Upgrade libraries (#211) Apr 1, 2019
api Upgrade libraries: io.flow, com.github.ghik (#214) Apr 10, 2019
generated/app Upgrade libraries: io.flow, com.github.ghik (#214) Apr 10, 2019
script Fix organization in script/upload Mar 28, 2018
spec Upgrade libraries: io.flow (#196) Dec 22, 2018
www remove huge bottom padding Apr 1, 2019
.delta Moving to t3 class instances Feb 28, 2019
.dockerignore Upgrade lib-postgresql Oct 8, 2016
.gitattributes Add skip rendering for .tracked_files (#124) May 24, 2018
.gitignore Fix case of gitignore DS_Store (#204) Jan 26, 2019
LICENSE Upgrade libraries:, io.flow (#92) Mar 2, 2018 Upgrade to play 2.6, scala 2.12, sbt 1.1.0 (#77) Feb 7, 2018


It's hard to keep up with releases of all of the software we use. This project is designed to keep track for you.

The core entity is the project - add a project from github, and the dependency app will begin tracking all of your dependencies - including the programming binaries you use. It also regularly searches all of the resolvers your project uses to find all of the available versions of each dependency and binary.

Whenever a newer version is found - that information is highlighted for you as a task... and when you update your project, the dependency app will automatically close the task picking up that your project has been upgraded.

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