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rosedb is a fast, stable, and embedded NoSQL database based on bitcask, supports a variety of data structures such as string, list, hash, set, and sorted set.

It is similar to Redis but store values on disk.

Key features:

  • Compatible with Redis protocol (not fully)
  • Many data structures: string, list, hash, set, and sorted set
  • Easy to embed into your own Go application
  • High performance, suitable for both read and write intensive workload
  • Values are not limited by RAM

Design Overview

Quick Start

1. embedded usage: see examples

2. command line usage:

start rosedb server

cd rosedb
./rosedb-server [-option value]

access data via cli(a copy of redis-cli)

Only mac now, download redis-cli according to your os.

cd rosedb/tools
./cli-mac -p 5200>> set my_key RoseDB
OK> get my_key


See wiki


Welcome to join the Slack channel and Discussions to connect with RoseDB team members and other users.

If you are a Chinese user, you are also welcome to join our WeChat group, scan the QR code and you will be invited:


If you are interested in contributing to rosedb, see CONTRIBUTING and how to contribute?


rosedb is licensed under the term of the Apache 2.0 License