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Xreki commented Apr 18, 2018


  • 支持Paddle Fluid
  • 更小的体积
  • 更快的速度
  • 更广泛地支持各种arm设备和终端平台

因此,paddle-mobile将会进行一次完全的重构,从框架设计到代码开发。在新版本开发完成后,将会删除原有mobile-deep-learning的代码。新版本开发期间,代码将放置在paddle-mobile repo的一个子目录下。对于子目录的命名,目前有3个候选,希望大家投票:

  • 👍 zygote
  • 👎 paddle
  • ❤️ fluid

另外,待新版本代码开发完成,移除老版本mobile-deep-learning代码后,新版本代码将移出子目录,直接放置在paddle-mobile repo下面。

hanyelkomy commented Oct 15, 2020

Credits to Brian — Brian Dean BDMICRO, LLC

According to the datasheet for the MX25R1635F, the JDEC should be 0xc2, 0x28, 0x15. In the devices.h file, the capacity parameter is specified as 0x18 for that chip. So the value is incorrect in devices.h

/ Settings for the Macronix MX25R1635F 8MiB SPI flash.
// Datasheet:

champtar commented Mar 15, 2020

On Linux, packets that stay local to the machine (moving from the host to a container for example) don't always have their checksum computed, see for example
The proper fix would be to check for TP_STATUS_CSUMNOTREADY, but an easy workaround is to have a way to change the ChecksumCapabilities or DeviceCapabilities.

As a rust noob here my solution for

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