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Camera class filter driver for Windows.
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Disclaimer: This driver code was intended to be for POC only and was never released to production. If you're looking at the codes, you probably know that this type of driver is generally undocumented and some bits are achieved using reverse engineering.

This filter driver stores a copy of the stream buffer in a shared memory named \\BaseNamedObjects\\{9E2288A3-7955-428F-9064-9C05C0EDC608}. This buffer can then be streamed from userland.

This driver was tested (though not extensively; it failed on HLK) on Windows 7, 8 and 10 (2015 release) using the ThinkPad X and T series (2015 and older) on both proprietary camera drivers and Microsoft's default UVC driver.

Generate catalog (.cat) file from package

inf2cat /driver:<package_path> /os:<arch>

Enable test signing

bcdedit /set testsigning on

Driver setup

Use the ccfltr-console tool to install/uninstall the driver. It handles the setup in relation to ksthunk.sys, if available. Copy the tool to the directory of the .sys and .inf file.


ccfltr-console.exe /install


ccfltr-console.exe /uninstall
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