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Master of Legends is my entry to The Riot Games API Challenge 2016.

The Application is useful to Visualize and Analyze Mastery Champion Data from the Riot Games API.

How to make it run:

  • You can see the Application live here, in the GitHub Pages: Master of Legends.
  • The Server Side for the live version is freely hosted in PythonAnywhere.

But if you really want to run it locally, you will need:

  • Python 2.7
  • Flask 0.9 (Python Server library)
  • Requests (Python library)

Then you will have to make some small changes:

  • Go to Server/ and change the line 53 of file to return your Developer Key String in method 'getRiotAPIKey'
  • Go to file js/ServerCommunication.js and change the 'var serverURL' to the Server Path you want. In this example we'll use "http://localhost:5000/?"

Done! Now you can run the server by following the steps:

  • Go to Server/ by command line and type "python", it should open the server in localhost:5000.
  • Open another Terminal, go to the Main Project Folder and type "python -m SimpleHTTPServer", it should start the Server in localhost:8000.

Done! You can see it working by typing localhost:8000 in your Browser.

Now let me talk about the structure of the Application.

The Application has two main parts: Server Side and Client Side.

The Server Side has only one responsability: Manage the communication between the Client Side and the Riot API Server. The flow of the requests is:
Client Side --request-->Server Side--request-->Riot API Server--response-->Server Side--response-->Cliente Side

About the Client Side.
I created the following modules:

  • LocationSearcher.js: auxiliar module to work with URL reading. It's useful because I'm using the URL to pass parameters from the Home Page to the Summoner Page
  • ServerCommunication.js: responsible for sending GET Requests to the Server Side and returning its response. JQuery is used to make all asynchronous requests.
  • MainControler.js: responsible for telling the Application which Page is running and should load.
  • DynamicStyle.js: responsible for general dynamically created styles, like the Random Background Image and the Random Button Text.
  • Summoner.js: responsible for storing Summoner's Data and have the majority of the methods that make the Summoner Page run.
  • Champion.js: responsible for storing Champion's Data and auxiliar methods about Champions, like getting champion name by champion ID.
  • Matches.js: responsible for grouping a given list of Matches in an Object. This grouping is better explained in the About Page.
  • ChartCreator: responsible for create the Bar and Pie Charts of the Summoner Page. It make the correct calls to the HighCharts and D3 librarys
  • Comparator.js: responsible for all the dynamic behavior of the Comparator Feature. It also makes the Chart.
  • TeamBuilder.js: responsible for all the operations made in the Team Builder Page.

Have anything to talk to me? Contact is available in the About Page.