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Fluent logger

A structured event logger for Fluent


struct Event
    string text = "This is D";
    long   id   = 0;

// ...
import fluent.logger;

// Create a configuration
FluentLogger.Configuration conf;

// Create a logger with tag prefix and configuration
auto logger = new FluentLogger("app", conf);

// Write Event object with "test" tag to Fluentd 
logger.post("test", Event());

// Disconnect and perform cleanup
logger.close(); // Or destroy(logger);

In this result, Fluentd accepts {"text":"This is D","id":0} at "app.test" tag.

Sharing logger

Currently, FluentLogger is not marked as shared. So, if you share a logger object accross threads, please use __gshared.


The library: dub build
Documentation: dub build --build=docs
   Single-threaded: dub build --config=post-example
   Multi-threaded: dub build --config=post-mt-example

Debug logging:

Limited logging to stdout can be enabled by adding FluentLogger to debugVersions in your project's dub.json:
"debugVersions": ["FluentLogger"],


  • std.log support after Phobos accepts std.log
  • Add some qualifiers (@safe, nothrow, shared, etc..)
  • Windows support



AuthorMasahiro Nakagawa
CopyrightCopyright (c) 2012- Masahiro Nakagawa
LicenseApache License, Version 2.0