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STOR provides a JSON database with the power of HTTP requests πŸš€
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STOR provides a JSON database with the power of HTTP requests

1. Installation

You need to install NodeJS first

Just clone the repository :

git clone

And run :

npm install

2. Configuration

Stor uses Environment variable :

STOR_MONGO_URI is the link to your MongoDB database
STOR_PORT is the port number you want the database to run on
STOR_PASSWORD is the token you will write for each request on the request header
STOR_CORS is the Cors config object : 1 if cors is enabled, by default is true; 0 if cors is disabled
STOR_CORS_WHITELIST (optionnal, the domain you want to be validate) Example:,

Once you finished to complete this fields just transpile it :

npx tsc

3. Run it

If you want to run it just for testing you can launch it with this command :

npm start

4. Use it

Install the official js library :

npm install stor-js

Connect to your Stor database and select your table :

const stor = require("stor-js");

const Stor = new stor.Stor("link to your Stor database", "STOR_PASSWORD");

let users = Stor.Table("users");

Then init your Stor database :

    .then(res => res.text())
    .then(body => console.log(body))

Select All :

    .then(res => res.json())
    .then(body => console.log(body.content))

Create :

    .then(res => res.text())
    .then(body => console.log(body))

Get where :

users.Get('name', 'pierre')
    .then(res => res.text())
    .then(body => console.log(body))

Get user when name is 'pierre'

Update :

    users.Put('name', 'pierre', 'jean')
    .then(res => res.text())
    .then(body => console.log(body))

Update user when name is 'pierre' to 'jean'

Delete :

    users.Delete('name', 'jean')
    .then(res => res.text())
    .then(body => console.log(body))

Delete user when name is 'jean'

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