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A new simple math notation based on diagrams to represent equations and numbers.
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A new math notation

This repository contains the description of a new math notation based on simple 2D diagrams.

These diagrams simplify the way we write numbers, and their relations with each other, using a non-linear graphic notation.

This notation is new, so I know it is not complete. I welcome you to fork and extend it!

An example

This example uses the main three operators to represent all the math expressions shown at bottom of image: An example


This notation has many advantages over orthodox arithmetic notation:

  • Operator's precedence doesn't exist, it is not requiered.
  • Order of operations is explicit; it's a non linear notation.
  • Variable isolation to transform equations to other equivalent forms, is not requiered.
  • Many orthodox equations can be represented at the same time using just a simple expression in this new notation.
  • This new notation has less operators.

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A personal note

I don't know if this idea is new or already exists in any other way, but I believe it can be useful to remember your kinetic equations.

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