Store and share your wish list. Integrate with gift registry and shopping plans
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A place to store and share wish lists.

  • multiple cross referenced lists
  • private / public / shielded from recipient(s)
  • wish item reservation
  • wish item collaboration
  • integrate with gift registry
  • integrate with shopping plans

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Install Scala, SBT and the Play Framework

or on OSX brew install play

Play! 2.0 + Scala + Heroku by flurdy


Simple start Play with play, activator or sbt. Then perhaps ; clean ; compile ; ~run to clean the folder, compile all classes and start the web application. The ~ will automatically detect and recompile any changes.


Default values let you run the application locally.

However for staging and production deploys you want to override certain values. Such as

  • Web application port
  • Database details
  • Email server details
  • Default email addresses
  • Hostname of domain
  • Analytics Id

The application is set up to run on Heroku as an example. The Procfile is Heroku specific which configures the app via conf/heroku.conf. In that file a number of environment properties is configured for the the application.

The application is also configured to be run with Docker and Fig/Compose.