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Yo! In Flutter.


Basically Yo! written in Flutter. Done in a three hour workshop with people who never used Flutter before 🍻

Lesson 1

  • Clone the project git clone and
  • run it flutter run

Flutter install instructions:

If you have trouble setting up flutter, ask for support

You've finished this lessen if you see the congratulations screen on your phone.

Lesson 2

Create the list layout of your friends. Use the screenshot above as reference.

  1. Create a FriendsPage widget. "Screen" are called "Pages" in Flutter.
  2. Use the ListView.builder widget to show the items.

Use the existing Person data class in person.dart.

Here are some helpful snippets:

final List<Person> friends = [
    Person("ffff", "Frederik Schweiger", ""),
    Person("pppp", "Pascal Welsch", ""),
    Person("gggg", "Georg Bednorz", ""),
    Person("ssss", "Seth Ladd", ""),
    Person("kkkk", "Kate Lovett", ""),
    Person("tttt", "Tim Sneath", ""),
    Person("hhhh", "Filip Hráček", ""),
    Person("aaaa", "Andrew Brogdon", ""),
    Person("nnnn", "Nitya Narasimhan", ""),

List<Color> _colors = [

Lesson 3

Build the login screen with scoped_model

Use the existing SessionModel in session_model.dart and register it globally in your main function.

final SessionModel sessionModel = SessionModel();
  model: sessionModel,
  child: YoApp(),

Build a Widget which toggles between the FriedsPage and a LoginPage depending on the session state. Use ScopedModelDescendant to access the SessionModel

    builder: (BuildContext context, Widget child, SessionModel model) {
      // TODO use model
      return anyWidget;

Lear how ScopedModel works under the hood: InheritedWidgets and App-scope/Page-scope

Lesson 4 (optional)

We want to send YO!s to each other via push notifications. You need a apple developer account to make it work with iOS. For now, we'll focus on Android to receive the notifications.

The android project is already fully connected to a instance firebase. If you want full access you have to create your own firebase project.

  • Create the Android app

    • applicationId school.flutter.yo
    • SHA-1 D2:6E:E8:94:62:5E:1D:74:C7:84:26:0A:32:8A:4E:26:2D:DD:FE:E4 (for existing key flutterschool.jks)
  • (Create the iOS apps with school.flutter.yo as bundleId)

  • Download the firebase configuration files to

    • android/app/google-services.json
    • ios/Runner/GoogleService-Info.plist On iOS you need to edit ios/Runner/Info.plist and paste in your REVERSED_CLIENT_ID.
  • Enable Google Authentication (Develop -> Authentication -> Sign-in method -> Goolge -> Enable)

  • Deploy firebase cloud functions, see fireabse/

Lesson 5

Show real users form firebase

  1. Refactor your static FriendsPage and load your Friends from firebase. Don't put the Firebase loading code in the UI, create a page-scoped model (FriendsModel).

Here's some code for you to start

class FriendsModel extends Model {
  /// Easy access to this model using [ScopedModel.of]
  static FriendsModel of(BuildContext context) =>

  FriendsModel(this.userModel) {

  List<Person> get friends => _friends?.toList() ?? [];
  Iterable<Person> _friends;

  bool get isLoading => _friends == null;

  SessionModel userModel;

  Future<void> sendYo(Person person) async {
    // TODO
    throw "not implemented";

  Future<void> _loadFriends() async {
    // TODO
    throw "not implemented";

Now implement the data loading. This is how you get your friends form firebase. (Don't forget to notify the UI after loading)

import 'package:cloud_firestore/cloud_firestore.dart';

final stream = Firestore.instance.collection(Person.REF).orderBy("name").snapshots();
stream.listen((QuerySnapshot snapshot) {
  final friends = => Person.fromJson(;

Lesson 6

Send push notifications

Register for firebase notifications after successful login

import 'package:firebase_messaging/firebase_messaging.dart';

final fmToken = await FirebaseMessaging().getToken();
    .setData({'token': fmToken})

Tip: print a message with the users email address after successfully writing the token to firebase.

Lesson 7

Send yo! to another user

Implement FriendsModel.sendYo and call the firebase cloud function to notify other users that you think about them

await http.get(''


  • You won't see a notification if the app is in foreground
  • Test on a real device, not the emulator/simulator
  • It doesn't work on iOS unless you've registered you APNs Authentication Key

Bonus 1

Add a logout button to your app. Call ScopedModel.of<SessionModel>(context).logout(); instead of creating a ScopedModelDescendant.

Bonus 2

Rewrite the FriendsModel using immutable collections from kt.dart


Please note that this code is not production ready, it should just show how quick you could build a million dollar app for Android and iOS 😉

Finished app

If you run into trouble we have a working example for you. Run

flutter run lib/finished/finished.dart


Copyright 2019

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
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