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FUSE-based virtual filesystem for exporting VapourSynth scripts as uncompressed videos in MKV format
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vsmkv is a FUSE-based virtual filesystem for exporting VapourSynth scripts as uncompressed videos in the Matroska (MKV) file format.


FUSE, CMake and a compiler supporting the C++14 shared mutex (e.g., GCC >= 5.2) are required.

Running the unit tests requires the Criterion framework to be installed.


from the commandline:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../


The command requires two arguments. First, the path to your VapourSynth script. Second, an empty directory for mounting the filesystem. Additionally, a number of parameters inherited from FUSE may be specified (e.g., -s for running in single threaded mode or -f for running in foreground mode instead of daemonizing):

cd /tmp
mkdir output
/path/to/vsmkv test.vpy output -f

Finally, a player supporting uncompressed video in MKV files can be used to play back the videos (first output node in this example):

cd /tmp/output
mpv node_0


  • Currently, only planar YUV color spaces are supported.
  • Concurrent access to the same video from multiple programs results in constant allocation and de-allocation of frames with a huge performance penalty.
  • The software lacks proper logging and error handling for now - errors result in uncaught exceptions.
  • The filesystem needs to be remounted after changing the VapourSynth script file
  • No Windows support (yet) due to the missing native FUSE implementation. Crossmeta FUSE may possibly work.
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