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Katana - Be Free and Be Efficient!

Katana is fork of KDE Software Distribution with emphasis on efficiency. So far it has proven to be roughly 50% less system resource hungry and significantly faster.

Authors and Contributors

Since Katana is a fork of someone else's work, many of the credits go to the KDE Software Development team. So far there are not much people involved in this project but we hope that the number will increase.

Software can always be improved, and the Katana team is ready to do so. However, you - the user - must tell us when something does not work as expected or could be done better. You do not have to be a software developer to be a member of the Katana team. You can join the national teams that translate program interfaces. You can provide graphics, themes, sounds, and improved documentation. You decide!

Support and Contact

Check out the wiki for frequently asked questions (FAQ) and other information. Feel free to report issues at this page.