AIR app to convert SWF shapes to SVG images
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I observed with disbelief that there is no real, working way to extract the shapes in static SWF frames that doesn’t require heavy interaction.

There was a bunch of outdated or bad tools, e.g. Steve Probets’, ALI G’s or some python script based on SWFDUMP.

There were complicated solutions that required much user interaction per conversion, such as printing the SWF to a PDF and using Inkscape to import that. I found one of these in this Stackoverflow question, but it used a library. And having recently heared about Adobe’s AIR, I made the connection.

And two days fiddling with a (for me) completely new technology, I present: SWF2SVG.


SWF2SVG file1.swf file2.swf …


file1.svg file2.svg …