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Grateful Place

Grateful Place is a wall-style forum which uses Clojure for an API server, Datomic for the db, and Angular for the front end.


Getting it running - full stack

  1. Install leiningen

  2. Fork the repo

  3. Clone the repo

  4. cd gp2/server

  5. APP_ENV=memory lein run server - this will start a web server on port 8080. Every time you start the server, the application will create an in-memory database and run all migrations. Two users are available by default: "flyingmachine" and "joebob", both with the password "password".

    Optional check out server/resources/config/development.edn for Datomic URI options. Run the app with lein run server (development is the default APP_ENV)

  6. In a separte shell, cd gp2/html-app

  7. npm install; bower install

  8. grunt server - this will start the grunt server which will compile changes as you make them. Reload localhost:8080 to see your changes.

Getting it running - just Angular app

  1. Fork and clone the repo
  2. cd gp2/html-app
  3. npm install; bower install
  4. grunt server

You might run into some weird issues when working with the Angular app without the API server. This is because the $resource module gets stubbed out, which you can see in gp2/html-app/app/scripts/ Personally, I think it's better to get the API server running using the instructions. If there's a better way to run the Angular app without the API server, I'd love to see that implemented!


  • gp2/server contains the API server written in Clojure
  • gp2/html-app contains a yeoman-generated Angular project
  • Styles are in gp2/html-app/app/styles.
    • _base.scss defines common mixins and variables
    • main.scss defines basic styles and includes all other, more specialized styles
    • _layout.scss defines the grid
    • All other Sass partials (files beginning with an underscore) are more specialized in some way. _posts.scss, for example, has post-related styles.

Pull requests

Please create a pull request for your changes :)


  • Drag and drop images