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NanoVNA-F BootLoader,STM32F1+SPI FLASH+USB Device Mass Storage for IAP
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GitHub release

NanoVNA-F 引导程序,简单3步,像 U 盘拷贝文件一样升级固件。 NanoVNA-F BootLoader, STM32F1+SPI FLASH+USB Device Mass Storage for IAP, very simple way to upgrade your app.

如何使用 / How to use

  1. 使用 Type-C 将设备连接到 USB,在开机前按下波轮中键,并保持,然后开机。
    Connect the device to USB using Type-C, press the pulsator and hold on, then powering up the device.
    The LCD displays the following prompt, indicating that the bootloader has been entered.

  2. 随后,NanoVNA-F在电脑端显示为一个 U 盘,将新的 update.bin 拷入。
    Then at PC side, device act as a Udisk. Copy you new update.bin into it.
    2 3 4

  3. 设备重新上电,自动运行 APP。
    Re-power the device and run the app automatically.

MDK-ARM 工程编译 / Build by MDK-ARM

Created by STM32CubeMX 4.27.0 V1.0

  • HAL Lib :STM32Cube_FW_F1_V1.6.1
  • MDK Ver :uVision V5.23.0.0
  • MDK Pack : ARM::CMSIS Ver: 5.2.0(2017-11-16)
  • MDK Pack : Keil::STM32F1xx_DFP Ver: 2.3.0(2018-11-05)
  • FatFs :R0.11 (February 09, 2015)
  • CHIP STM32F103VET6 FLASH: 512 KB, SRAM: 64 KB
  • SPI Flash W25Q128JVSIQTR

HAL Lib Path: C:/Users/S04/STM32Cube/Repository/STM32Cube_FW_F1_V1.6.1

Change the library file path according to the actual situation.

SW4STM32 工程编译 / Build by SW4STM32

待完善 / Coming soon

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