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Build Status Flyspray/flyspray

Please do not use Github for your bug reports or feature request. Instead use our live bug tracker at

Flyspray Bug Tracking System

Flyspray is an uncomplicated, web-based bug and task tracking system.

Have you spotted Flyspray in the wild? Does your company or project use Flyspray? You can send a note to the Mailing List including your project or company name, Flyspray URL (if public), homepage, and a nice testimonial if you are in the mood and we'll have it added to the list of who is using Flyspray.



  1. Create a backup of your files and database

  2. Remove all files but keep:

    • flyspray.conf.php
    • attachments/ directory
    • avatars/ directory
    • maybe your own logo image if you replaced the flyspray logo
    • maybe .htaccess if you use it
    • maybe own extra customized *.css files like custom_yourproject.css in themes/CleanFS/ (only users of 1.0-dev versions)
  3. Copy the new files to the Flyspray directory

  4. Make sure flyspray.conf.php is writeable by the webserver.

  5. Open http://yourflyspray/setup/ in your webbrowser. It detects the existing installation and you can follow the upgrade steps.

  6. Note: Do not forget to press F5 (or CTRL+F5, depending on cache policy) after the upgrade in web browser to reload also cached css-files to see effects of updated CSS-files. They are cached by default for 14 days in the webbrowser.


Install php

Linux: Just use the package manager or one of its frontends of your Linux distribution.
For instance for Debian based Linux distributions:
sudo apt-get install php5



Installing from prepackaged releases that include also needed 3rd party libraries

Choose the matching download for your php version from

unzip flyspray-1.0*.zip  (or tar xzf flyspray-1.0*.tgz if you prefer .tgz downloads)

Point your webbrowser where use unzipped the download file and follow the configuration instructions.

Installing from source releases via command line

unzip flyspray-1.0*.zip  (or tar xzf flyspray-1.0*.tar.gz if you prefer the .tar.gz download)
cd flyspray-1.0*
curl -sS | php
php composer.phar install

Point your webbrowser where use unzipped the download file and follow the configuration instructions.

Windows users can download Windows installer on

If you downloaded the installer, make sure to include it to shell when asked.

Download vendors

Using command lines:
- 'cd' to the main Flyspray directory
- Type 'php composer.phar install' to automatically download the vendors
Users that have it integrated to shell can right click their Flyspray directory and choose "Composer->install" to automatically download the vendors