Keras implementation of R-MAC+ descriptors
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Keras implementation of R-MAC+ descriptors.

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The image below represents the query phase exeucted for the R-MAC+ descriptors.

query phase

Prerequisites for Python3

  • Keras (> 2.0.0)
  • Tensorflow (> 1.5)
  • Scipy
  • Sklearn
  • OpenCV 3


The pipeline was tested with VGG16 and ResNet50. For the VGG16 the best performance are reached when the features are extracted from the block5_pool, instead for ResNet from the activation_43. It is possible to try with other networks. Please before to try it, check if there are available the Keras weight for the selected network.


  • Oxford5k
  • Paris6k

Download the datasets and put it into the data folder. Then compile the script for the evaluation of the retrieval system.




Method Network Oxford5k Paris6k Holidays
R-MAC VGG16 65.56% 82.80% 87.65%
R-MAC ResNet50 71.77% 83.31% 92.55%
M-R RMAC+ ResNet50 78.88% 88.63% 94.63% / 95.58%
M-R RMAC+ with retrieval based on 'db regions' ResNet50 85.39 % 91.90% 94.37% / 95.87%

The R-MAC is an our re-implementation of the Tolias et al. 2016 paper, instead M-R RMAC comes from the Gordo et al. 2016 paper. The last two experiments are also executed on the rotated version of Holidays.


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