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phpadd is Abandoned Docblock Detector for PHP.

It can scan your applications for missing or invalid docblocks. You can also configure it saying to skip docblocks in private and/or protected methods.


There are several different reporters: HTML, XML, tab-delimited and JSON. It is possible to ask phpadd to process its output with multiple publishers:

phpadd --publish-html out.html --publish-xml out.xml myapp/

If you just want to see the scan stats, you can append -stats to your publisher:

phpadd --publish-xml-stats stats.xml myapp/

If you specify a dash instead of a filename, the output will be send to stdout.

phpadd --publish-html - myapp/ | grep ...


It is possible to prevent PHPADD to look for abandoned DocBlocks in files and classes.

The switch --exclude-paths ignore files matching <path>. The switches --exclude-classes <regexp> and --exclude-methods <regexp> will ignore respectively classes or methods whose names match <regexp>.

Exclude a directory:

phpadd --exclude-paths library/Zend/ --publish-xml stats.xml myapp/

Exclude all directories named controllers in all application subfolders:

phpadd --exclude-paths application/*/controllers/ --publish-xml stats.xml application/

Exclude all constructors:

phpadd --exclude-methods ^__construct$ --publish-xml stats.xml myapp/

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