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UI Translations for As of now it is not planned to translate all Fortnite cosmetics due to volume.

How can I contribute?

Please note before starting to translate: The website does not yet support languages that are written from right to left (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew and Persian/Farsi), so pull requests for such languages are put on hold and neither reviewed nor merged. In such cases, we recommend waiting until the technical requirement is met before translating a language that is written from right to left.

Create a pull request with your changes, language files are named [two-letter code].json, you can find a list of two letter language codes here.
For example en.json for English, es.json for Spanish, pt.json for Portuguese and so on.

The en.json will always be updated with the latest text to translate, so use that as a base and just translate what you can of your language!
If a string does not exist in the file it will default to English.

There are a few things to remember:

  • Don't use Google Translate or other online translation tools, as these lack context and can come up with some very strange results.
  • Text inside square brackets (that's [ and ]) such as [language] needs to remain in English (unless it is followed by ( and ) making it a link - see below), as it is normally replaced when the page is loaded with dyanmic data such as the date.
  • Links are done similar to markdown, [text here]( the closing square bracket and first round bracket need to stay together.
  • At the top of the file where the name attribute is, this should be the name of the language in that language, so that it is easily recognisable for speakers.
  • Underneath that, also put name-en, which is the name of the language in English. This is optional.
  • thForDate means if st, nd, rd and th should be put after the date. For example in English it is used like this: January 8th 2019.

In your pull request tell us your Discord name and discriminator and we will give you a Translator role on our Discord, make your account have no adverts and credit you as a thank you.

Links and formatting

Links are in a similar format to Markdown, it can also have 'modifiers' by using | to separate them.
If the text should be a link, the url must be the first modifier in use. If the text is not a link the modifiers can be in any order.

Modifier Description Options
newtab Makes the link open in a new tab true
class Adds CSS classes Any CSS class
tooltip Adds the title and alt attributes Text to show on hover
bold Makes the text bold true

For example:

  • [new tab link](|newtab=true) uses the newtab modifier for the link.
  • [bold text](bold=true) uses just the bold modifier and is not a link.
  • [bold new tab link](|newtab=true|bold=true) uses both the bold and newtab modifiers for the link