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A dashboard for use with Nagios/Naemon and Merlin
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README for merlin-dashboard
This dashboard for Nagios/Naemon using the Merlin backend was originally made by Morten Bekkelund <> and made available at and later at where several people forked it.

Meanwhile, I and a number of other people had been hacking on it in private, fixing bugs and adding features, but not publishing the additions.

This is, finally, a fork of Morten's code with the additional patches. I aim to continue maintaining this, possibly adding patches from other people's forks.

Original project by Morten Bekkelund <>.

This project maintained by Mattias Bergsten <>.

Patches from the following list of fine people and companies:

* Jonas Drange Grønås <>
* IPNett AS <>
* Peter Andersson <>
* Advance AB <>
* Mattias Bergsten <>
* John Carehag <>
* Anders K Lindgren <>
* Misiu Pajor <>

Some Livestatus socket code borrowed from the mklivestatus-slave project by Lars Michelsen at <>.

GPL v3

* Webserver with PHP 5 and MySQL support

and either

* Nagios/Naemon, a version that works with the Merlin version you're running
* Merlin, anything > 1.0.0


* op5 Monitor with REST API enabled

Installation for Merlin version 1.x
Put the files in a directory on your webserver. Edit merlin.php and change the server, username and password to fit your environment. Symlink nagios.php to index.php to save typing.

Installation for Merlin version 2.x
In Merlin 2.0, saving status data to the database is turned off by default. If you do not mind the performance penalty of writing status data to the database, you can turn it on again by adding "track_current = yes" and an import program to your merlin.conf, and then following the above instructions for version 1.x.

In Monitor 6, we instead use Livestatus to access status data, because it is significantly faster. To use the Livestatus version, put the files on your monitoring server (where Livestatus runs), then edit merlin2.php and set the path to the Livestatus socket. Symlink livestatus.php to index.php to save typing.

Installation for the op5 Monitor REST API
Put the files in a directory on your webserver, edit merlin-api.php and update the server, user and password to use to access the API. Symlink op5monitor.php to index.php.

Take a look at api-examples.html for some examples on how to define filters.
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