Experimental UI for visualising flows in real time.
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Fn Flow UI

This is a demo-ware visualisation tool for showing what's going on with FnFlow in real time.

Running with docker

Assuming you are already running fn server on port 8080 and completer on port 8081 in docker:

Grab the internal docker network IP

export DOCKER_LOCALHOST=$(docker inspect --type container -f '{{.NetworkSettings.Gateway}}' functions)
docker run   -p3000:3000 -e API_URL=http://$DOCKER_LOCALHOST:8080 -e COMPLETER_BASE_URL=http://$DOCKER_LOCALHOST:8081 fnproject/flow:ui

running locally

You need nodejs (tested with 8.5.0)

this assumes that the completer is running on and the corresponding functions server is running on 8080

 npm install 
 npm run-script run 

the UI should be available on [http://localhost:1979]


The UI should start visualising the first cloud thread function that starts automatically , and will list any cloud threads functions that have started since the UI was opened.