The simple way to update or install calibre
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calibre Installer for OS X

The simple way to update or install calibre.

You can download the latest release from the source archive or by cloning the repo. (GitHub recently deprecated the Downloads Tab.) Expect me to move the app for proper hosting soon: builds don't belong in code repositories. ;D


As of its current version, calibre requires for users to visit the calibre download page, get the latest DMG, and swap the new application with the old one. Laziness provoked me to spend even more time than visiting a link to write this installation script.

What magic lives inside?

file:///Users/farazyashar/Workspace/Published%20Code/calibre%20Installer/ The app consists of a shell script bundled as an OS X application. The script works as follows:

  1. Closes any running calibre instances
  2. Downloads the latest calibre and mounts the disk image
  3. Replaces calibre in the local application folder (~/Applications/ or the shared application folder (/Applications/; if calibre is not installed, the script will install calibre to /Applications/
  4. A back up of any previous version can be found in /tmp/calibre-`date +%s`.app.bak
  5. When finished, calibre will launch. (Note that as of this implementation, calibre will not become the frontmost application upon launch.)


Suggestions and Bug Reports

Submit issues and requests through Github issues or the associated thread on the calibre forums.

Please provide the output of the installer's text window if relevant.

Hacking Guidelines

  • Play with the shell script ( to your hearts content
  • Try to keep things POSIX compliant
  • Stick to native OS X command-line utilities
  • Make sure to test the output of the script
  • Don't worry about creating a new build of the application

Many Thanks to...


calibre Installer is free (as in freedom), open-source software distributed under the terms and conditions of the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License.