Python + wxPython user interface for 96 and 384 well plates.


Python + wxPython Well Plate Dialog


This module provides a simple dialog that allows the user to configure a well plate by specifying a "type" for each well. The default types are:

  • Empty
  • Blank
  • Calibrant
  • Sample

The user selection can be returned in a variety of ways, including well names or row- or column-major indexes for each type.

The dialog is reasonably configurable:

  • Number of rows and columns (96 or 384 well plate, or any other size)
  • Selectable types: labels and colors
  • Font sizes for row and column header labels
  • Whether or not to show labels and well labels

Sample code

model = plate.PlateModel(8, 12)
dialog = plate.PlateDialog(model)
if dialog.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK:
    for row in range(model.rows):
        for col in range(model.cols):
            key = model.grid[row][col]
            if key == plate.SAMPLE:
                # do something

Mac Screenshot

Windows Screenshot