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A wrapper library which provides an idiomatic way to use Reladomo in Scala.


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Reladomo for Scala

Note: This library is currently unmaintained.

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Reladomo, which stands for "Relational Domain Objects", is an enterprise grade object-relational mapping (ORM) Framework for Java with the following enterprise features:

  • Strongly typed compile-time checked query language
  • Bi-temporal chaining
  • Transparent multi-schema support
  • Full support for unit-testable code
  • See the documentation for more detail:

Reladomo for Scala

The reladomo-scala library from FOLIO Co., Ltd. is a Scala wrapper library of Reladomo. This library provides an idiomatic way to use Reladomo in Scala.

More Information

Check the wiki pages for details.


Apache License, Version 2.0