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A tiny inflate implementation
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This is a port of Joergen Ibsen's tiny inflate to JavaScript. Minified it is about 3KB, or 1.3KB gzipped. While being very small, it is also reasonably fast (about 30% - 50% slower than pako on average), and should be good enough for many applications. If you need the absolute best performance, however, you'll need to use a larger library such as pako that contains additional optimizations.


npm install tiny-inflate


To use tiny-inflate, you need two things: a buffer of data compressed with deflate, and the decompressed size (often stored in a file header) to allocate your output buffer. Input and output buffers can be either node Buffers, or Uint8Arrays.

var inflate = require('tiny-inflate');

var compressedBuffer = new Bufer([ ... ]);
var decompressedSize = ...;
var outputBuffer = new Buffer(decompressedSize);

inflate(compressedBuffer, outputBuffer);



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