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Librera Reader

Librera Reader is a book reader and PDF Redaer for Android Supprt formats PDF, EPUB, MOBI, DjVu, FB2, TXT, RTF, AZW, AZW3, HTML, CBZ, CBR and OPDS Catalogs


Android Play market apps:


Librera PRO

Arhive .apk

Beta(latest) .apk

Application fonts ( downalod to internal sd card, to [Downloads] folder) link1 link2

[Telegram] (

Support intents

intent.putExtra("page", int); //to open doc on page number

intent.putExtra("percent", float); //to open doc page by percent

intent.putExtra("password", String); //to open password protected PDFlink

Support links

open page 2

How to install

Librera is developed on Eclise with ADT (Android Developer Tools Plugin)

INSTALL 0) Linux is prefer (Windows never tested)

  1. Install Eclipse
  2. Install Android ADT (from the Eclipse markeplace)
  3. Install Android NDK
  4. Install JAVA
  5. Install ANT


  1. git clone

  2. run ./LirbiReader/ Downlaod required packages (Google Play Service, RecicleView, CardView, etc)

  3. Download Mupdf sources tar.gz from

  4. Import all projects to Eclipse


  1. Build NDK part ./LirbiReader/Builder/

Specify you project path and MUPDF path MUPDF=/dev/mupdf-test/platform/java MY=/home/ivan-dev/git/LirbiReader

  1. To build Librera Reader ./LirbiReader/Builder/

Librera depend on

MuPDF - (AGPL License) (mupdf-1.12.0-source.tar.xz)

MuPDF changed source ./LirbiReader/jni-1.12/~mupdf

  • EbookDroid
  • djvulibre
  • hpx
  • junrar
  • Universal Image Loader
  • libmobi
  • commons-compress
  • eventbus
  • greendao
  • jsoup
  • juniversalchardet
  • rtfparserkit
  • okhttp

commons-compress-1.14.jar eventbus-3.0.0.jar greendao-3.2.0.jar greendao-api-3.2.0.jar jsoup-1.8.3.jar juniversalchardet-1.0.3.jar okhttp-3.9.1.jar okhttp-digest-1.15.jar okio-1.13.0.jar rtfparserkit-1.10.0.jar

Librera is distributed under the GPL


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (GPL v.3).