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Fooman Google Analytics+

Magento Extension to add extra features to the default GoogleAnalytics module.

Extra features compared to the version available on Magento Connect

  • Works on Magento 1.8.1
  • Dropped Support for Magento pre 1.4.2
  • Google Universal Support with Ecommerce Tracking
  • Dynamic Remarketing (add your conversion id and label as provided from Google, products are identified by their product id)
  • Tag Manager (this provides an input field for the tag manager script snippet - please note that the population of the data layer would be up to you)
  • Category for transaction items is now populated (based on custom attribute, otherwise defaults to first encountered product category)
  • more templates

To provide feedback please create an issue on Github.

User Manual

The user manual can be downloaded from here

Installation Instructions

To install the extension, follow the steps in The Ultimate Guide to Installing Magento Extensions.

Installation Options

via composer
Fooman extension are included in the repository so you can install them easily via adding the extension to the require section and then running composer install or composer update


Please note that is not always up-to-date - in this case please add the following in the repositories section


via modman
modman clone
modman clone

via file transfer (zip download)
please see the releases tab for


Magento Extension to add extra features to the default GoogleAnalytics module.




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