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@foosel foosel released this Jun 20, 2015 · 3267 commits to master since this release


  • Plugin Manager: Don't allow plugin management actions (like installing/uninstalling or enabling/disabling) while the printer is printing (see also unreproduced issue #936).
  • Software Update: Enforce refreshing of available updates after any changes in enabled plugins
  • SettingsPlugins may now track versions of configuration format stored in config.yaml, including a custom migration method getting called when a mismatch between the currently stored configuration format version and the one reported by the plugin as current is detected.
  • New file management layer will now migrate metadata from old file management layer upon first startup after upgrade from 1.1.x to 1.2.x. That should speed up initial startup.
  • Analysis backlog processing has been throttled to not take up too many resources on system startup. Freshly uploaded files should still be analyzed at full speed.

Bug Fixes

  • #942 - Settings can now be saved again after installing a new plugin. Plugins must not use super anymore to call parent implementation of SettingsPlugin.on_settings_save but should instead switch to SettingsPlugin.on_settings_save(self, ...). Settings API will capture related TypeErrors and log a big warning to the log file indicating which plugin caused the problem and needs to be updated. Also updated all bundled plugins accordingly.
  • Fixed issues without tickets (mostly reported on IRC):
    • Software Update: Also supports --process-dependency-links for pip installs if specified via update specification
    • Add ; between bundled javascript files. That should mitigate an issue where some specific ordering of bundled files causes run-away declarations if plugins include minified files.
    • Defaults are now correctly applied when settings configuration options from plugins
    • Setting default values supplied explicitely by plugins to get/set methods on self._settings are now propagated correctly.
    • Software Update: Don't persist more check data then necessary in the configuration. Solves an issue where persisted information overrode updated check configuration reported by plugins, leading to a "an update is available" loop. An auto-migration function was added that should remove the redundant data.
    • Plugin Manager: More options to try to match up installed plugin packages with discovered plugins.
    • Plugin Manager: Display a more friendly message if after the installation of a plugin it could not be correctly identified.

A big thank you to everyone who gave feedback about RC2 and allowed the above things to be squished before the stable release!


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