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MrMime supports Rails 4+. Add the gem to your Gemfile:

gem 'mr_mime'

Run the bundle command to install it.

After adding and installing the gem, run the installation generator:

rails generate mr_mime:install

The generator will create an initializer which describes MrMime's configuration options.

Once the generator has run, add the following to your application.css file, to include MrMime's default styles:

*= require 'mr_mime/mr_mime'

Alternatively, if you are using sass, include the following in your application.scss file:

@import 'mr_mime/mr_mime';


To begin using MrMime, add the following line to your ApplicationController:

include MrMime::ImpersonationBehavior

This will give you access to the following helper methods in your controllers and views:

  • current_impersonator
  • impersonator?
  • impersonator_id
  • button_to_impersonate

Starting Impersonation

Use the button_to_impersonate helper to add an impersonation button to your view:

<%= button_to_impersonate %>

This method requires the id of the user that will be impersonated as it's first argument. It also accepts the following options:

  • :button_text sets the text inside the button. Defaults to "Impersonate User".
  • :button_class sets the class of the button element.

Clicking this button will begin an impersonation session, during which the impersonated user will be treated as the current user.

Impersonation Warning

To include a warning to the bottom of the screen whenever an impersonation is in effect, add the following to the bottom of your layout:

<%= render 'mr_mime/impersonation_warning' %>

You can also leave out this built-in warning, and create your own custom impersonation warning, utilizing the helper methods listed above.

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Foraker Labs builds exciting web and mobile apps in Boulder, CO. Our work powers a wide variety of businesses with many different needs. We love open source software, and we're proud to contribute where we can. Interested to learn more? Contact us today.

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