Gathering spirits from the Cosmos
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Cosmos Testnet genki-1000

Gathering spirits from the Cosmos

Spirit Bomb

Instructions for the Network Start

Submit a genesis transaction.

We are trying to start a testnet from the Cosmos Validator Community to test the bug fixes and practice the start of Game of Stakes.

To be bonded at genesis, you need to generate a genesis transaction and submit it by 2018-12-07 15:00 UTC.

The final genesis.json will all the bonded particpants will be released before the end of 2018-12-07 UTC. We are going to use the tool developed by Certus One to verify the gentx files and create the genesis file.

To generate a genesis transaction,

install v0.27.1 of the Cosmos SDK.

run gaiad init

Download genesis to $HOME/.gaiad/config/genesis.json

if you need to recover the key you used for signup do

gaiacli keys add <key-id> --recover

gaiad gentx \
  --amount 10000STAKE \
  --commission-rate "0.10" \
  --commission-max-rate "1.00" \
  --commission-max-change-rate "0.01" \
  --pubkey $(gaiad tendermint show-validator)  \
  --name <key-id>

This will generate a file roughly like $HOME/.gaiad/config/gentx/gentx-c00ce0b868bd5d5576d23f0ad1090f3f478b7961.json

Please submit this file using the Certus One Genesis Collector.