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Notes for Data Loader v45.0.0 and later

Data Loader v45 and later is built with JDK 11 and requires a 64-bit operating system. Install JRE 11 or later before installing Data Loader. See instructions further down to install via scripts.

Data Loader v44 is the last version built with Oracle Java 8. Developers can check out code from the branch “DataloaderV44Release”. End users can download v44 or older from this project’s “releases” tab.

Java Requirement

Developers need to use JDK 11 or later such as Zulu OpenJDK before building Data Loader.

Build Data Loader

git clone
cd dataloader
git submodule init
git submodule update
mvn clean package -DskipTests 
./ -n  (on Mac or Linux desktop)

Build unsigned zip files for Mac, Windows, and Linux on Mac or Linux or when running bash in a Windows command terminal


The build will include the appropriate eclipse swt jar by detecting your operating system type. If you would like to manually specify the eclipse swt jar, take a look at the pom.xml file to see a full list of available profiles.

Note: Salesforce officially supports Data Loader for 64-bit Windows 10 and macOS. Any other platforms that Data Loader can be compiled for are unofficial.

Execute Data Loader

To run the Data Loader GUI, run the command

java -jar target/dataloader-x.y.z-uber.jar

Use the command below to run the Data Loader GUI on Mac

java -jar target/dataloader-x.y.z-uber.jar

To run data loader for debug on macOS

java -jar -Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005  target/dataloader-x.y.z-uber.jar

To run Data Loader in Batch mode on Windows, see Batch mode for Windows platform. Batch mode is supported only on Windows platform.

Data Loader can be executed in Batch mode on other unsupported platforms using the following command:

java -jar target/dataloader-x.y.z-uber.jar run.mode=batch<process name> salesforce.config.dir=<path to config dir containing process-conf.xml and files>

Commands to encrypt password:

Generate a key file and saves it in ${HOME}/.dataloader/dataloader.key on mac/linux (%userprofile%.dataloader\dataLoader.key on Windows) if the path is not specified. Store this file with care as you use it for encryption and decryption. java -cp target/dataloader-x.y.z-uber.jar -k [<path to keyfile>]

Encrypt a key. java -cp target/dataloader-x.y.z-uber.jar -e <password in plain text> [<path to keyfile if it is other than the default path>]

In case you experience "Invalid Api version specified on URL" on login, you need to change the Api version in pom.xml to specify the WSC version of your server. Simply change the following line and rebuild the project:


Execute Data Loader With Scripts for v45 and Later

Launch scripts are provided to help end users launch Data Loader for Windows and macOS. Zip files are provided for macOS and Windows environments in the project's "releases" tab. There are specific installation instructions for macOS and Windows.

Test Data Loader

See the testing wiki


For more information, see the Data Loader Developer's Guide.

Questions can be directed to the open source forum.

Dependencies and plugins

Update SWT by running python3 <root of the git clone>/ <root of the git clone>. Requires python 3.9 or later.

All other dependencies and plugins are downloaded by maven from the central maven repo. Run mvn versions:display-dependency-updates to see which dependencies need an update. It will list all dependencies whose specified version in pom.xml needs an update. Run mvn versions:use-latest-releases to update these dependencies. Run mvn versions:display-plugin-updates again to check which plugins still need an update and update their versions manually.