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Salesforce Extensions for VS Code Roadmap

Our aim with the Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code is to quickly respond to feedback and release new features often. We want to be as transparent as possible with our priorities and our roadmap. This document will constantly evolve to reflect a best effort six-month roadmap.

NOTICE: The information presented here is subject to change. Forward Looking Statement


  • Developer Happiness - Our top priority is to make Salesforce Developers happy. This means building tools they want to use, not just something they have to use. This means we release quickly, respond to feedback, and keep the quality of our releases high. It also means focusing on the details.
  • Premier Salesforce Developer Experience - The Salesforce Extensions for VS Code will deliver a powerful and productive developer experience. We will include the best features developers have come to love from previous tools such as the IDE while building new experiences that modern developers have come to expect.
  • Ecosystem - Being a Salesforce developer doesn't mean you have to use a single toolset. We realize that our developers are diverse and have different preferences on tooling. As such, our team aims to support a rich third-party ecosystem. We do this primarily by building tools that use open standards such as the Language Server Protocol and the Debug Adapter Protocol which allow developers to leverage the same code and investments we have made to VS Code in their own tools. We believe that if our partners are no longer required to write the fundamentals they will be free to write more value-add features.

How We Do Planning

At Salesforce, our planning revolves around the three release per year cycle of the core Salesforce service. As such this is how we do planning for the Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code. However, as we release every week we do maintain flexibility as we want to be agile and leave room to respond to opportunities or customer feedback quickly.

Legend of annotations:

Mark Description
nothing work not started - scheduled
✔️ work completed
:rocket: WIP or ongoing work
:muscle: stretch goal - unclear timeline
:octocat: community contributed



  • :rocket: Detect Differences (potential conflicts) on Deploy / Retrieve

    • :rocket: Detect & show file differences upon Deploy / Retrieve
    • Enhance with info on When the metadata was modified locally, When the metadata was modified on the org & Who modified the metadata on the org
  • :rocket: Deployment & Retrieval Speed - All Deploy & Retrieve commands are available in a new library. You won’t see a difference except speed. Here’s the latest on these Perf Enhancements and how you can try it out.

  • :rocket: Performance - Extension Activation speed and CPU Usage - We're working on improvements to make the extensions activate faster, which can manifest in issues like this one. We also have related work in flight to improve Apex performance, especially for large projects. This can manifest in issues like 2410 or 2803. This is especially important for users with machines that have limited horsepower.

  • Source Diff - Expand the current Diff against an Org to all metadata types and enable Diff'ing an entire project against an org.

  • Streamlined settings - Make it simpler to see your options for the Salesforce extensions and customize it to your preferences.



Test & Debug


  • :rocket: Tips & Tricks