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Hibersap Plugin for Forge

A plugin to generate classes to get used by the Hibersap framework to connect to a SAP system.

The plugin allows to search for function names at a given SAP system and generates all required classes and configuration files to use the given function with the Hibersap framework.

You can find more information about Hibersap at

This plugin is licensed under LGPL, like Forge and Hibersap

How to use

This plugin is using Hibersap, which is using the SAP Java Connector (JCo).
Before using download SAP Java Connector 3 ( and extract the sapjco3.jar and the sapjco3 native library.
(We assume you use version 3.0.7 or higher)

Install sapjco3 jar to your local Maven repository from the command line:

mvn install:install -file -DartifactId=sap-jco -Dversion=3.0.7 -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile= sapjco3.jar 
  • Create or use an existing a Maven project (project may be created with Forge from the command line).
  • Navigate into the project
  • Set your session manager name and connection properties
  • Use the generate-sap-entities command to connect to your SAP system and generate Java classes which are used by Hibersap.

Also read the akquinet blogpost and watch the screen-cast that shows the usage of the Hibersap-Forge-Plugin:


[list-properties] - Lists all connection properties and the current session manager name.

[set-property] - Sets a new or existing property
[--key] - The property key
[--value] - The property value

[delete-property] - Deletes an existing property
[--key] - The property key

[generate-sap-entities] - Defalt command; generates SAP entities from a SAP system
[--name-pattern] - Pattern to search SAP function names. Use * and ? as wildcards.
[--max-results] - Number of max. results. Use 0 for unlimited result list (Default value is 20)


Hibersap Plugin




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