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The Form Builder

This library provides form building capabilities to an Angular.js application. This form builder's purpose is to construct a JSON object reporesentation of a form, which could then be handed off to a Form Renderer such as the one found @ The following landing page should provide a good example of how this form builder works.

See Working Example

The form builder can be embedded within your application using the following embed code.

<form-builder form="myform"></form-builder>

Where myform would be a form object that is placed on the scope of the controller containing the form builder.


To install this within your application, you will first need to include the following

Adding Components

To add a component, add it in the config phase.

      function (formioComponentsProvider) {
        formioComponentsProvider.register('myfield', {
          title: 'My Field',
          template: 'formio/components/icons.html',
          controller: ['$scope', function($scope) {
          group: 'custom',
          icon: 'fa fa-heart-o',
          settings: {},
          views: []

Removing Components

To remove default components or groups from the form builder, set them as disabled in the run phase.

    .run(['formioComponents', function(formioComponents) {
      formioComponents.components.textfield.disabled = true;
      formioComponents.groups.layout.disabled = true;

This project is provided by, which is a combined form and API platform for Developers.

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