An AeroSnap-like replacement that is user-configurable
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fts_winsnap is an AeroSnap-like replacement that is user-configurable.

Example screenshot


Why does this exist?

AeroSnap doesn't work for all use cases. In particular it fails for monitors in portrait mode. AeroSnap produces two ultra-skinny 540x1920 windows side-by-side; the preferred layout is two 1920x540 windows stacked vertically.

fts_winsnap is user-configurable per-monitor so windows can snap to arbitrary rectangles. Portrait mode and ultrawide monitors rejoice!

What license?

This is software is dual-licensed under either the MIT License or Unlicense. Choose whichever you prefer.

What did you learn?

More than I expected. I wrote a blog post detailing so hurdles and lessons learned.

What platforms are supported?

Just Windows. I wrote the tool in C# and used the native Win32 API.


Here are some pre-compiled binaries.