An Xcode plugin that aims to make altering and inspecting code quick and easy.
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An Xcode plugin that makes altering and inspecting Objective-C code quick and easy.

XcodeBoost automates some tedious operations such as extracting method declarations from definitions for insertion into a header file, adds line-based code manipulation (cut/copy/paste/duplicate/delete lines), persistent highlighting and more!

Contributions are welcome! :)

Symbol Highlighting


Notice the indicators in the scrollbar. They show where the symbols have been found in the current file, just like errors and warnings.

Method Definition and Signature Selection


Copy Method Declarations


Regex Match Highlighting


Paste Lines (with or without reindent)


Pastes the copied string after the selected lines, unlike Xcode's "Paste" and "Paste and Preserve Formatting" which paste everything at the exact caret position. No need to precisely position the caret; code will be pasted on the next line.

... and more!


  1. Install through Alcatraz or download the source and build the XcodeBoost target, then restart Xcode.
  2. Assign keyboard shortcuts to XcodeBoost's menu items through System Preferences' Keyboard Shortcuts panel.
    • Manually:

      • Add in "App Shortcuts" if not already present.
      • For each XcodeBoost menu item that you wish to trigger using the keyboard, add a shortcut and fill the "Menu Title" field with the exact name of the menu item, like so:


      • Suggested keyboard shortcuts:


    • Automatically: Run osascript Shortcuts.applescript (which can be found in the root of this repo). The suggested keyboard shortcuts will be added automatically. Please wait until System Preferences' Keyboard Shortcuts panel automatically disappears.

Like the color theme in those screenshots?

You can also install the Irradiated color theme using Alcatraz.