An alexa skill which can be used to ask susi for answers: "Alexa, Ask Susi Who Are You"
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An alexa skill which can be used to ask susi for answers like: "Alexa, Ask Susi Who Are You" or "Alexa, Ask Susi what is the temperature in berlin"

Getting Started : Alexa Susi AI Skill

Follow the instructions below:

Visit Amazon developer site and Login.

Click Alexa, on the top bar.

Click Alexa skills kit.

alt text

Click on add a new skill button on the top right of the page.

We will be at the skill information tab.

alt text

Write the name of the skill Write the invocation name of the skill i.e. the name that will be used to trigger your skill. Like in our case, if we need to ask anything(as we have 'susi' as the invocation name), we will ask with "Alexa, ask Susi" as a prefix to our question sentence.

By clicking next, we will be redirected to the second tab i.e. Interaction model. We need to fill two fields here i.e. intent schema and sample utterances. For intent schema, we need to write all the available intents and the parameters for each of them. Like in our case i.e. intent_schema.json, we have a single intent that is "callSusiApi" and the parameter it accepts is "query" of type "AMAZON.LITERAL" (in simple words, a string type). Parameters are termed as slots here. The different types of slots available, can be seen from here.

For sample utterances, we need to tell what utterances by the client will lead to what intent. In our case:

alt text

We have just one intent and the whole string uttered by the client should be fed to this intent as a "query" slot(parameter).

Let's click next now.

We will be shifted to the configuration tab.

We will host a server on Heroku, which will hold the code for our Susi skill, further we also need to link that code to this skill. To do this linking we need the name of the Heroku url.

Fork this repository.

Host a Heroku app and connect the fork of this repository to it.

Please select https option and copy that Heroku app's name and paste it into the field below region radio buttons.

alt text

Click next.

For SSL certificate, please select "My development endpoint is a sub-domain of a domain that has a wildcard certificate from a certificate authority" as we are using Heroku.


Now we can test it with a sample query, when we get redirected to the test tab.

alt text

Also we can test it using our voice through reverb app available on play store or echosim by logging into your amazon account.

Some sample strings that we can speak to test it: "Alexa, ask susi where are you" "Alexa, ask susi tell me a joke" "Alexa, ask susi what is a table" (where 'susi' is the invocation name).

This was the video that helped a lot in making this skill for Alexa. It can be referred too.