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Foss Events (India)

Fossevents focuses on providing all the information about the events which happen in India under FOSS.

Join the chat at Build Status Coverage Status

Source code for Foss Events India Website (

Getting Started

Fossevents is developed on Python3(currently python3.5). First check if you have python3 installed using which python3. If it does not return anything, please install python3.

The following setup is for fedora 22+

Github setup of the repository:

Fork the repository.
git clone
cd  //change the directory
git remote add upstream
Switching of branch

Create virtualenv using python3 executable:

virtualenv venv -p $(which python3)
. venv/bin/activate

Postgresql Setup

The database which we are using for production is Postgresql. You can skip this part and jump to Project Setup as postgresql does not need to be installed for development.

NOTE: Psycopg2 version 2.6.1 has a dependency that requires postgres to be install on system before you can install the library.

Postgresql installation and its setup:

sudo dnf install postgresql-server postgresql-contrib
sudo systemctl enable postgresql
sudo postgresql-setup --initdb   #initialise database and logs once
sudo systemctl start postgresql
sudo -u postgres psql
postgres=#CREATE USER fossevents WITH PASSWORD 'xxxxxx';

Run the command in virtual environment, it will create database:

createdb fossevents

For migration, we need to alter some trust auth in pg_hba.conf file:

sudo -i
cd var/lib/pgsql/data/
atom pg_hba.conf
Change host of and ::1/128 to METHOD "trust"

Project Setup

Install the following for requirements/development.txt installation:

sudo dnf  install libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev python-dev  libpq-dev
pip install rcssmin --install-option="--without-c-extensions"
pip install rjsmin --install-option="--without-c-extensions"
pip install django-compressor --upgrade
pip install -r requirements/development.txt

Run the following commands in your virtual environment:

python migrate
python sample_data
python runserver

Open http://localhost:8000/ (Initial creds: admin / 123123)


This is project would have possible with the valuable contributions from these awesome humans.

Aniket Maithani (@aniketmaithani)

Anuvrat Parashar (@bhanuvrat)

Durwasa Chakraborty (@durwasa-chakraborty)

Karambir Singh Nain (@akarambir)


Mayank Jain (@jainmickey)

Sanyam Khurana (@CuriousLearner)

Satyaakam Goswami (@satyaakam)

Saurabh Kumar (@theskumar)

Shakthi Kannan (@shakthimaan)

Shweta Suman (@cosmologist10)

Umang Shukla (@mascot6699)

Vipul (@vipul-sharma20)

Vishal Jain (@jainvishal520)
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