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FOSSLight Dependency Scanner

License Current python package version. REUSE status

πŸ’‘ Introduction

This is the tool that supports the analysis of dependencies for multiple package managers. It detects the manifest file of package managers automatically and analyzes the dependencies with using open source tools. Then, it generates the report file that contains OSS information of dependencies.

πŸ“– User Guide

We describe the user guide in the FOSSLight Guide page.
In this user guide, you can see how to install the FOSSLight Dependency Scanner and how to set up the prerequisite step and run it according to the package manager of your project. Also, you can check the results of the FOSSLight Dependency Scanner.

πŸ‘€ Package Support Level

Package Manager Manifest file Direct dependencies Transitive dependencies Relationship of dependencies
(Dependencies of each dependency)
Javascript Npm package.json O O O
Java Gradle build.gradle O O O
Maven pom.xml O O O
Java (Android) Gradle build.gradle O O O
ObjC, Swift (iOS) Cocoapods Podfile.lock O O O
Carthage Cartfile.resolved O O X
Swift (iOS) Swift Package.resolved O O O
Dart, Flutter Pub pubspec.yaml O O O
Go Go go.mod O O O
Python Pypi requirements.txt,, pyproject.toml O O O
.NET Nuget packages.config, obj/project.assets.json O O O
Kubernetes Helm Chart.yaml O X X
Unity Unity Library/PackageManager/ProjectCache O O X

πŸ‘ Contributing Guide

We always welcome your contributions.
Please see the CONTRIBUTING guide for how to contribute.

πŸ“„ License

Copyright (c) 2020 LG Electronics, Inc.
FOSSLight Dependency Scanner is licensed under Apache-2.0, as found in the LICENSE file.