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FOSSLight Source Scanner

FOSSLight Source Scanner is released under the Apache-2.0 License. Current python package version. REUSE status Guide

Detect the license for the source code.
Use Source Code Scanner and process the scanner results.

FOSSLight Source Scanner uses source code scanners, ScanCode and SCANOSS. ScanCode detects copyright and license phrases contained in the file and SCANOSS searches OSS Name, OSS Version, download location, copyright and license information from OSSKB. Some files (ex- build script), binary files, directory and files in specific directories (ex-test) are excluded from the result. And removes words such as "-only" and "-old-style" from the license name to be printed. The output result is generated in spreadsheet format.

📖 User Guide

We describe the user guide in the FOSSLight guide page. Please see the User Guide for more information on how to install and run it.

👏 Contributing Guide

We always welcome your contributions.
Please see the CONTRIBUTING guide for how to contribute.

📄 License

FOSSLight Source Scanner is Apache-2.0, as found in the LICENSE file.