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An online app to view your X-Plane flight
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Airspaces is a web and desktop companion app to X-Plane, a flight simulator. It provides an online map where you can track your plane flying, along with your friends, or the whole world of X-Plane simmers!

General information


Can I help you?

If you have a bug report, a feature request, or just any question, you can either create an issue or send me an email at .

Helping out

Thanks for your interest! Here are a few ways to help me improve Airspaces:

  • by reporting bugs of feature requests here in the issues of via email - see above
  • by contributing with code, if you are a developer. The technologies involved are Node.JS, ReactJS and Docker. PRs are welcome. See the "Development" section below.
  • if you wish, by donating a small amount of money via Paypal: Donate
  • or if you really are a huge fan, I also have a Patreon page where you can be my patron and sponsor me with a monthly sum.


Unless you are a developer interested in contributing to Airspaces, you probably should have clicked one of the above links.

Airspaces (excluding the desktop app) is composed of a React.JS frontend and a Node.JS backend. Both use Typescript.


  • Node.JS version 10 or above LTS
  • yarn version 1.15 or above.

Getting set up

Here is how to get set up:

  • Clone the repo: git clone

  • Then in a terminal, install frontend dependencies and run the frontend:

cd frontend && yarn && yarn start

In another terminal, do the same for the server.

cd server && yarn && yarn start

The server is now running on port 9000 and will be listening for X-Plane UDP packets on port 49003. The frontend is now running on port 3000 and should have opened a window in your browser.

Optionnally, in a third terminal, you can run a fake plane signal sending its data to your server:

cd server && yarn fake

Build and deploy

You are free to use the Dockerfile to build a Docker image of the server:

docker build -f ./docker/api/Dockerfile . -t foucdeg/airspaces:api

You won't be able to push an image named foucdeg/airspaces:api to Docker Hub, because, well, that's my name. Just use your Docker Hub username instead and you'll have a working Docker image of Airspaces with your changes!


This repository also includes the source code for the main website, It is a Github Pages website, Github automatically builds it.

I run it locally using the following command:

docker run \
  -t --rm \
  -v "$PWD":/usr/src/app \
  -p "4000:4000" starefossen/github-pages

$JEKYLL_GITHUB_TOKEN is a Github access token to allow the local container to fetch the data from Github that builds the website.

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