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@HuguesDelorme HuguesDelorme released this Apr 6, 2017 · 7 commits to master since this release

  • AMF : add AMF file format support(export only)
    This is a new module providing complete support for writting geometry in the AMF v1.2 format.
    Output can be plain XML or compressed on-the-fly in a ZIP archive.
    (GitHub issue #6)

  • Core : fix wrong error code name GMIO_ERROR_TRANSFER_STOPPED
    Error code renamed to GMIO_ERROR_TASK_STOPPED
    (GitHub issue #7)

  • STL : better API with consistent function names
    Renamed functions gmio_stl_infos_get_xxx() -> gmio_stl_infos_probe_xxx()
    (GitHub issue #3)

  • STL : add overload function gmio_stl_infos_probe_file()
    Facility function over gmio_stl_infos_probe() for files
    (GitHub issue #4)

  • STL : fix segfault in function gmio_stl_infos_probe()
    (GitHub issue #8)

  • Support : add OpenCascade Poly_Triangulation support for STL format
    See new gmio_stl_mesh_occpolytri / gmio_stl_mesh_creator_occpolytri in header stl_occ_polytri.h
    (GitHub issue #5)

  • Support : add OpenCascade TopoDS_Shape support for STL solid import
    See new gmio_stl_mesh_creator_occshape in header stl_occ_brep.h
    (GitHub issue #5)

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