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Subscribe and filter realtime SLP transactions for your applications
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What is SLPSockserve?

SLPSockserve is a frontend API for SLPDB that provides a streaming output of new transactions. Unlike slpserve which is a similar frontend API used to fetch historical blockchain data, SLPSockserve can be used display data as it comes in.



For SLPSockserve to work you first need to go through the install process for bitd, which will continually scan the blockchain for new transactions and blocks which will be streamed live over the SLPsocket (slpsockserve) API.

Setting up SLPSockserve

Clone this repository:

git clone && cd slpsockserve

Install dependencies:

npm install

Configure Sockserve:

cp .env.example .env
$(EDITOR) .env

Start SLPSockserve

npm start

Running as a daemon

Install PM2 using NPM

npm install pm2 -g

CD to install location and run bitd

pm2 start index.js
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