Omniverse - Automatic downloader for comic books (cbr, cbz, etc) in the tradition of Sickbeard.
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OmniVerse - Automatic downloader for comic books (cbr, cbz, etc) in the tradition of Sickbeard.

* If you've installed a previous version, please uninstall before installing the current version. There have been changes to the database structure that are incompatible with the current version.

* Requires Python. Currently being developed and tested using Python 2.7. Some users have reported no problems using 2.6. If you find an issue that is the result of an earlier version of Python, please report it and I'll do my best to accomodate.

* To run the program, use python to run The first time it runs navigate to the settings page (typically http://localhost:8085/settings for a first time installation) and setup your newsgroup provider information and select what newsgroups you want archived. Currently there is only space for one newsgroup provider but a future feature will allow multiple servers.

* If you need to bind to a different ip address or port for the web interface, there are command options for that: --host=[ip address] and --port=[port number]

* Quit the program (CTRL+C) and restart the server so that your new settings will take affect. 

* Once the server gets started, you should see logging information about what headers are being downloaded. IMPORTANT: The subject lines may be NSFW or NSFL for that matter. The same goes for the web interface and the produced log file. As I'm sure we all know, there's plenty of spam on usenet. One my goals is to write a better spam/porn filter and then those messages should go away.

* To access the web interface, browse to http://localhost:8085. From there you can browse the database of available comic books and create a nzb file to feed to sabnzb.

* To quit the server and shut everything down use CTRL+C. It should quit cleanly and return to the command-line. If after a couple of minutes it doesn't, use process explorer to kill.

* If you see anything wrong or have trouble with your particular flavor of usenet provider please submit an issue through github (see the tab marked Issues on the omniverse main page of github).

* Also, if you use a block account this project works by downloading headers so depending on your provider this program may impact your monthly or block quota. I don't have exact numbers yet but I don't think its a large amount. 

* Another thing to make sure of is to take a connection away from Sabnzb+. For example, if you provider gives you 20 connections, you'll want to change the connections to 19 in Sabnzb+ so there is no conflict.

Phew. I don't think I left out anything. Thanks for everyone's encouragement. Be sure to follow me on twitter ( so you can send me any comments, rants, raves, or suggestions.

Thanks again everyone!