This is a python library wrapper for Vzaar's version 1.0 API.
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This is a wrapper for Vzaar's version 1.0 API. As of this repository's initial commit, all documented API methods are implemented.

The most up-to-date version of this code will be available at

The original API documentation can be found at


Install using setuptools, pip, or by cloning the repository and running:

python intall

Once installed, it can be used with:

from vzaar import Vzaar
api = Vzaar(username, api_key, video_sucess_redirect, max_video_size)


If you're using django, you can define the values in your settings object instead of having to set them when you instantiate the api object. Add each of the following to your settings, then import DjangoVzaar instead of importing Vzaar.

VZAAR_USERNAME - string - your username (not your email)
VZAAR_KEY - string - Vzaar API key
VIDEO_SUCCESS_REDIRECT - string - where to redirect a user after upload
MAX_VIDEO_SIZE - integer - size (in bytes) of maximum alowed upload size

Once the above keys are defined in your file, you can use the api like so:

from vzaar import DjangoVzaar
api = DjangoVzaar()