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A command-line interface for leveraging stackage.

You must have ghc, ghc-pkg, and cabal on your $PATH. This program will make various calls to those executables on your behalf.

This package provides two executables: the stackage executable, and its alias, stk. The stackage command-line program will inspect your path for stackage plugins, and will dispatch to them. Anything on your $PATH prefixed stackage- that responds to the --summary flag is considered a stackage plugin.

(This package also provides a library, Stackage.CLI, which is intended to make the process of writing stackage plugins easier.)

This package no longer provides any plugins (which makes it rather useless on its own). You can find the init, purge, and upgrade plugins in the stackage-cabal package. You can find the sandbox plugin in the stackage-sandbox package.

Further reading

See also: this example on the stackage-cli wiki.