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AXI Ethernet Reference Designs for Ethernet FMC


This project demonstrates the use of the Opsero Quad Gigabit Ethernet FMC and it supports several FPGA/MPSoC development boards. The design contains 4 AXI Ethernet blocks configured with DMAs.

Block diagram

Important links:


This project is designed for version 2020.2 of the Xilinx tools (Vivado/Vitis/PetaLinux). If you are using an older version of the Xilinx tools, then refer to the release tags to find the version of this repository that matches your version of the tools.

In order to test this design on hardware, you will need the following:


We encourage contribution to these projects. If you spot issues or you want to add designs for other platforms, please make a pull request.

About us

This project was developed by Opsero Inc., a tight-knit team of FPGA experts delivering FPGA products and design services to start-ups and tech companies. Follow our blog, FPGA Developer, for news, tutorials and updates on the awesome projects we work on.