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This wiki is currently under active construction

Welcome to the FPV Out Club wiki!


This wiki's main purpose is to provide information on our flagship software solution: DigiView.

Below you will find helpful links to other wiki pages for information, community links, donation links, as well as the various software repositories if you wish to contribute.

News and Community

To stay up-to-date with the development of DigiView, ask questions, or just interact with all the awesome people who use and make DigiView, visit our Discord server here.


DigiView is an open source, multi-platform set of apps that output the First-Person-View (more commonly known as "FPV") feed of the DJI Digital FPV goggles to an external screen.

FPV is a common technology used in the piloting of RC craft, allowing pilots to see from the perspective of their craft. The DJI Digital FPV system was the first digital HD transmission system to see widespread, mainstream adoption as an upgrade and alternative to more traditional SD analog transmission systems.

While there are many advantages that the DJI system has over the older analog systems, there has been one key piece of functionality missing that is popular among the FPV community: the ability for spectators to easily see what the pilot sees. Traditionally, the only way to accomplish this has been by using a wired connection from the goggles to a bespoke, expensive device known as the DJI Smart Controller. DigiView solves this gap in functionality by providing what DJI has not: a free software-based solution.

The original DigiView is a desktop application designed to run on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Its counterpart, DigiView for Android, provides a highly requested mobile solution as a native Android application. DigiViewSBC is an optimized version of DigiView designed to run on single-board-computers like the Raspberry Pi or Jetson Nano. Finally, DigiView Web is an exciting platform-agnostic web app that utilizes the WebUSB functionality of modern web browsers; DigiView Web can run on desktops, Android devices, and even Chromebooks.

Through this combination of solutions, DigiView gives pilots who want to output their feed much more flexibility, since they are no longer restricted by having to use the Smart Controller. Livestreaming, race broadcasting, and film directing are just some examples of the things that DigiView enables by allowing users to stream their FPV feed to virtually any screen, at any time.

Getting started

General Requirements

Android Requirements

Basic Usage Quick Guide

Device Specific Setup and Usage Guide


This software was made with ❤️ and will always be free! But if you feel like we've earned your support, please consider donating to the project at our Open Collective page here.


Pull requests are welcome! If you wish to help out the project, you can find the various repositories here:

DigiView Engine Coming Soon

DigiView Desktop Coming Soon (For now you can contribute to the original proof-of-concept at

DigiView for Android

DigiView Web

DigiView SBC