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#Puppet docker_compose module


Proof of concept Puppet module to manage a docker-compose application

##Module Description

This Puppet module allows to manage a docker-compose application defined via a YAML file


After you've installed the docker_compose module:

include docker_compose

This will install docker-compose into a Python virtualenv and will configure it. The latest version will be installed by default. If a specific version is required, it can be passed as parameter:

class { 'docker_compose':
  version => '1.2.0',

To manage a docker-compose application:

docker_compose::application { 'foo_app':
  ensure  => 'present',
  content => file('files/foo_app.yaml'),


The following Puppet modules are required:

  • stankevich/python >= 1.9.4


This module is created as a proof of concept and it's not intended to be used in production environments.


Carles Amigó -