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Web-based Open-source Java tool to analyze comorbidities over large datasets of patients

Online documentation:

Comorbidity4j is an Open-source java tool tailored to easily perform comorbidity analyses, thus supporting the analysis of significant co-occurrences of diseases over large datasets of patient data.

Given the demographic information (birth-date, gender and, optionally secondary patient features like education level, ethnicity, etc.) and the history of diseases of a set of patients, Comorbidity4j performs the comorbidity analysis of (a subset of) such diseases: several widespread measures to identify relevant pairs of co-occurring diseases are computed over the patients' population data provided as input. Besides CSV tables, results can be accessed and interactively explored by means of a set of interactive Web visualizations generated on the flight: from this link you can access an example of the interactive Web visualizations generated by Comorbidity4j.

Comorbidity analyses can be executed:

  • on-line: at by means of the Comorbidity4web service, powered by Comorbidity4j;
  • locally on your workstation: by means of Comorbidity4j. To download Comorbidity4j Java library and obtain instructions for local execution of comorbidity analyses, access the Comorbidity4j documentation at Comorbidity analyses executed by Comorbidity4j expects the same input data and produce the same set of interactive Web visualizations generated by Comorbidity4web, but data are processed and results are stored locally to the user workstation. In this way it is possible to enforce a greater data privacy, protect sensitive data or exploit more powerful workstations.

To get detailed information on the tool, plese to to: